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As a writer, I have been inspired by Tennessee Williams (for his brilliant use of language), Neil Simon (for his brilliant use of humor) and Penny Sycamore, (who wrote plays simply because a typewriter was delivered to her home by mistake).

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Welcome to my ultimate movie challenge.  As you may or may not know, I love a wide variety of films from virtually every genre.  Due to the coronavirus, I've had enough spare time to create this challenge.  It is meant to to test your movie knowledge and to see how well you know me.  This test is very difficult.  I don't expect anyone to be able to correctly identify all of them. If you score a B or higher, I am incredibly impressed.  If you undertake the challenge, please send me your score!  Feel free to share this challenge with your friends. 



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To calculate your score it's probably easier to calculate the number of films that you did not know and subtract that number from 263. Please send me your score!  If requested, I will send the answers.   

A+        250-263

A          232-249

B+        218-231

B          210-217

C+         197-209

C           184-196

D+         168-183

D           155-167

D-         150-154