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As a writer, I have been inspired by Tennessee Williams (for his brilliant use of language), Neil Simon (for his brilliant use of humor) and Penny Sycamore, (who wrote plays simply because a typewriter was delivered to her home by mistake).

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"From the first it has been the theatre’s business to entertain people, as it also has of all the other arts.  It is this business which always gives it its particular dignity; it needs no other passport than fun, but this it has got to have."

Bertolt Brecht

"Very charming piece which balances its dark subject matter with comedic moments. Excellent chemistry between characters with clear motivations. Little hints are dropped throughout the entire piece about what happened last year, which builds nicely to Archer's last monologue. Really enjoyed this! ”

Cassidy B.

New Play Exchange


"Brims with Gothic atmosphere, humor and twists.  Many mysteries are predictable, but 'The Vultures' enjoyably defies expectations.

Michael Grossberg

The Columbus Dispatch

Puberty is over.  Onwards and upwards!"

                                             Neil Simon

I'm happy to see THE VULTURES represented in SPOTLIGHT magazine.